Under Country

Follow the old road south for a few weeks past Whitefield and the plains and farmlands grow into tall hills. These hills stop abruptly at a gorge with ever reaching mountains on its farthest side. Some bridges stretch across in to these mountains. Here is the gate to Under Country.

Four great Gnome cities face each cardinal direction in a circle around the vast mountain range. With intricate engineering the circle connecting the Gnomish cities circulates the direction of the cities at random. Alot of the main architecture remains unchanged during these turnings, especially out working or the engineering entrenched in Sprejasfin. To be clear the bulk of the population is shifted to serve various jobs over their long lives. The leadership of the four cities by the southern facing city. This rotating government adds a chaotic spark the Gnomish dynasties crave. Each are connected via a network of tunnels for intercity travel by the Gnomes themselves.

The Gnomish city connected to the bridge is called Rivvihuas. Moving clockwise is a city which directs mirrors to reflect celestial light into a gaping miles wide valley, it is called Jintihuas. Next is a city belching steam and almost vibrating from its internal workings, this city is called Sprejasfin. It is believed by outsiders to be the engine that drives the rings to turn and thus move the cities around. The last is Vishinihienhuas and it is made of some peculiar glass making it somewhat transparent.

The two rings below the circulating Gnome kingdom are inhabited by Dwarves. The Dwarves call their kingdom Kruunhaag. The richest live in the ring just below the Gnomish ring and the lowest ring is home to the commoners and the sprawling mines where the Dwarves carve out their wealth.

Under Country

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