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A book which accounts of a world once whole, full of thriving nations spread across every corner of the land. About how holes began to open to an unknown plane, a place of primordial chaos. A formless world that radiated spite and vomited forth legions of horrors. How they destroyed entire cities in a matter of days. That holes pierced between worlds dissolved and eventually they would co-exist until one or the other was annihilated completely.

It discusses the various symposiums concerning planar and mystical solutions that were held. Of the religious leaders explaining an inability for the gods to intervene. Of the many failed quests noteworthy heroes undertook. And just as hope seemed gone a solution was found.

A ritual was concocted. Utilizing a network of leylines, the last of which was physically constructed by a crew of Gnomes and Dwarves which accounted for a 1/25th of their respective empires the invaders would be driven back and the holes sealed thus saving the world.

The ritual was conducted by the most powerful spell casters alive at the time. Such as General Kel’keth, the Magus Supreme, Arch Mages from the Elven Library cities, a cadre of sorcerers including the Drakis Twins, Treesingers from the Halfing Druidic Council, and Hihg priests from Churches Good and Evil.

About a dastardly sorcerer Pesiph who tried to betray the ritualists to the other world. It notes he was stopped but it was theorized it may have compromised the integrity of the spell.

This comes from what happened when the ritual was performed. The energy drawn in to power the sealing overwhelmed the ritualists ability to contain it. While it was successful in saving reality from the maw of the hungry world a large chunk of land surrounding the artifical leyline point shattered from the main land. It is theorized that the land mass floated away and sank into the sea killing the hundreds of thousands unable to escape.

It is also noted the ritual drew in the life force of dragon kind through the leylines which powered it. The species was drained to the point of extinction, the alleged glitch being named culprit.

The book is full of personal notes, direct quotes and sketches. It weighs five pounds and is an amazing reference source for ancient History, Arcana and Planes knowledge. For each roll (which takes fifteen minutes of studying) add +4 to the roll.

Eulogy Archive

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