Tag: Vast Despair


  • Coffinborne

    A small town in the [[Vast Despair]]. Populated almost entirely by a race of non-evil undead called [[Necropolitans]]. They have all willingly embraced undeath without succumbing the impulses others of their type suffer. p. Coffinborne also boasts a …

  • Vast Despair

    The neighboring country three times the size of [[Whitecrown]]. It is a vast and dismal swamp cursed with roaming with undead. Most communities are evil and outsiders can expect the worst fates their hosts can imagine. One oddity exists within the boggy …

  • Temple of Farewells

    A temple city to Urgothoa. Populated by monstrous entities ruled by Nagaji after being freed from slavery from their Naga masters. The finest wine in any known land is produced here.

  • Elfhaven

    A strange landmark in the [[Vast Despair]] because at first glance this seems more or less a normal city. More then a third of the population is composed of half-elves. The oddity begins in that their are no elves to speak of. And the various sources of …