Destiny's Road

The Wheel turns

Under Country adventure

The Great turning has begun and our adventurers have opted to stay and see what destiny has in store for them. Gnomes move the people staying behind to the shell housing and essential buildings, such as the House of Maps moves to the shell as well via a mechanized route. The bulk of the city moves leaving comfort and commerce within reach of the adventurers.

A sign reveals itself within those two days as Lumiere’s sheath begins to drip blood. Some point to this as a blessing from Gorrum. This may not be something noticed or given significance by most people. The bleeding stops after about forty eight hours and never bleeds more then a small puddle at a time.

On the third day of the turning, which up to this point is a surprisingly smooth ride starts to become rough. The Gnomes are immediately concerned citing that this isn’t something that happens on their joyous holiday. Engineers, Clerics of Desna and Abadar and Wizardly citizens scramble to investigate. As the Gnomes rush to address their transient city strange things the size of large house cats start falling from the ceiling. Screams erupt as Fungal Crawlers start to attack.

As the fight winds down one of the merchants who lead the group to Rivvihuas beckons from a stair well leading up. “Heroes! Your help is needed! Please!”. Something is attacking those seeking to repair whatever is going wrong. In case the importance is lost on anyone the city begins to rattle violently sending people tumbling to the ground. As they ascend they eventually reach one of the housings where several Gnomes were working, and now several are severely wounded on the ground. A larger version of the Fungal Crawlers is the culprit.

When the monster is slain or driven away one of the Engineers speaks to the group in a weak rasp. " Something is swarming from the cracks between the cities…the tunnels…can’t be safe. Somehow they creatures know…they know which parts of the Great Machine to attack.". He reaches into his coveralls and removes a gem glowing with a pale blue light. “Take this, take it to the main housing in the over head chamber…go now..quickly!” he stresses before falling unconscious. Klaus, one of their escort merchants offers to guide them.

The stair ways and tunnels are maze like twisting around at angles that boggle the non-Gnome mind. Fungal Crawler husks litter the way as do the occasional Gnome guard, most wounded but a few dead. Klaus chokes back his obvious terror and takes one of the hook hammers from one of the dead after offering him a short prayer. The shaking continues as the temperature starts to drop drastically. Klaus can be heard muttering, “Should it be this cold?” just before a harmonic thrumming fills the hallway making it hard to communicate verbally.

The journey ends in a domed room whose walls are gears twice as large as Garyson and as small enough to barely be seen by the naked eye. Here the cold is most severe emanating from a huge blue orb glowing a few shades darker then the stone they were given. The application of which requires some mystic finesse to place correctly as far as anyone knows. Klaus is shivering and exclaims in relief seeing three mole skin cloaks hanging on a wall.

After the conflict with the Cloaker resolves a young looking Gnome runs into the room. She looks around in horror and the blue lights both flicker an unnerving shade of violet. “Oh no.” She cries, “The dimensional pinions came loose!”. She removes Sorcerous trappings and prepares some unknown Abjuration spells. “You have to warn the others! The orb is resetting! Our cities are risking a core rift!.”. Magical energy surges around the room filling it with a blinding light making it impossible for the adventurers to do other then flee. Yet before the group escapes Garyson is enveloped and disappears into the light. They are urged to make way while some sense is made of all the chaos.

The shaking has stopped which may be a relief to some. When the group returns to the city proper and finds someone to report to the look on the poor Gnome’s face may indicate otherwise. The smell of ozone lingers in the air and pale lights with no visible sources pulsate. Tears in the fabric of reality displaying events occurring elsewhere. In one scene there is a dense jungle where hundreds of savage Hobbits bow praying before a gore stained altar of some strange many eyed beast. Another shows a young Dwarf couple leaning against the bow of a sea faring ship that glides impossibly fast across the waves, their fingers intertwined. Yet another shows Garyson ferociously fighting back a cadre of guards in some decadently adorned room, behind him is a window displaying a frozen tundra.The last shows a horrific landscape of pulsating green flesh, black veins and glowing red blood stitched across the alien land. Fire belches into the ash choked sky and demonic moaning assaults the group like a harsh wind. From this tear a group of hideous malformed shapes are urged by a small flying creature lashing at them with a tiny but wicked looking whip. The tears flicker and the demons rush forward to wreak havoc on the Gnomish city.
A few rounds into combat a Dwarf in exquisitely crafts arms wades into combat to the aid of the party. When the battle dies down he introduces himself as Argyle Dulkracken Cleric of Torag. His God had bade him come higher into the mountain many months ago to wait for the events to unfold as they have. Now he is duty bound to help the group recover their friend.

Those tears seem to be the only ones provoked by the sabotage which may come as cold comfort to the weary citizens who have endured over the straining hours. Word spreads that the situation is stable but only just. Frayed nerves seem pretty common as folks shuffle off to try to get some rest at least those not on active repair duty. The group is offered respite at the merchant house Klaus brought them to. The beds are a little small for the medium sized folk but they are insanely soft. While they rest or whatever they choose to do one of the Gnomes leaves to find a representative from the House of Maps if they can to help the group plan to retrieve their half-Orc.

Underground makes it hard to tell time but hours into the slumbering time is interrupted by wandering monsters drawn from the still city as it is replaced on its journey. The alien monsters who dwell in the deepest parts of the tunnels breed close to the cracks and nooks between the cities. A rare clutch of Decapus newly hatched seeks out meals in this rare chance. This is something Gnomes feared may happen but could not anticipate what would emerge. Few traverse the tunnels except by dire need and those who do are specialists in that regard.

A few days dreading some other invasion of misshapen monsters ends without event as the city hums again, the wheel having been repaired once again. Guards are doubled which is something any observer can note, MOST observers that is.Gnomish Paladins astride dire moles patrol the streets. The turning brings the city past the shell of Jintihuas and the view of the valley stretching seemingly without end into the east. The lights from the mirrors flash and flicker in a celestial dance from the Sun, moon and stars as the city moves past. It is a stunning vision.

It is loudly mentioned by some of the common folk in the city that it is disturbingly quick how fast, especially with the delay they passed the first shell. It is around the time this sentiment spreads through the city that a elderly Gnome by the name of Jeberink knocks at the door of the merchants looking for the group. The merchants seem awe struck and honored by this Gnome’s presence. He introduces himself as one of the Guild of Four, the ruling council of the four Gnome cities. He has come to offer a small token of thanks for the help the group has rendered. Hats to mark their valor in the eyes of the Gnome people. They look like crazy ass musketeer hats with feathers and buckles nearly as large as the hat portion itself.

Shortly after being honored an assembly is called to address the city. The damage inflicted was stabilized but some of the sabotage was more in depth then initially believed. Protocols to reset the Wheel need to be undertaken for the first time in centuries. Calm is advised as they begin this potentially dangerous process. Guards will be posted but it is asked of the populace that they remain inside. The group is of course allowed to undertake whatever risk they desire. It can be discerned that the Gnome officials believe something crazy is about to happen.

The nature of the magical artifact that rotates the cities plumbs planar energies for a purpose unknown by most. The raw power is displayed in an awe inspiring fashion as the realignment protocols are engaged. Crazy shit ensues through the various phases. The first display of which is the gravity of the city acting strangely as a Devil’s band appears to compel the people into painful dancing. Then as that fades a landslide appears from nowhere! Where rock does not crush the unwary the air is choked with flies spreading foul disease. Quicksand then appears underfoot beholden to a strange creature radiating enlightenment to those able to endure his aura. Once people scramble to the surface of the sand arrows from some battle out of space and time rain into the Gnome city and some strange lobster like aberration appears to pilfer scraps and garbage. This scene trades with a strange overgrowth of plants and two teams of Lizardfolk playing some archaic ball game. Though bruises are endured from interference this too shifts into a hurricane! At the center of which is a mysterious blue box which seems unaffected by the extreme weather. A gentle rain begins to fall and a cadre of shit faced Goblins run rampant doing property damage as they piss, puke and steal. They and a group of elite Kobold soldiers are swept away b a tidal wave! When the water stops flowing it appears finished. The wheel has finished turning. The city reincorporating with Sprejasfin.



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