Destiny's Road

South on the Old Road

Undercountry Job

The arrival of the Gnomish merchant convoy is the mark for the harvest festival. With all the good news the adventurers have wrought it is an especially raucous event. The Gnomes are regaled by tales of heroics and applaud the victories of Whitefield. The Gnomes mention that this trip was wrought with more danger then they are used and too and would be willing to pay the party to safely escort them back to Rivvihuas in their Under Country. With their need for money, time waiting for construction and lack of work around town this seems to be advantageous for everyone.

The old road south is abutted by rolling waves of hill and plain. Autumn leaves and flowers wafting in the breeze shimmer softly like flames. This beauty is interrupted by a strange droning that comes from the blue sky a few days into the trip. One of the Gnome merchants cries and points as a Slicer Beetles descends on the convoy.

As the hills dominate for a few days a blanket of shadows is thrown over the group making it harder for those without at least low light vision to see without aid. This ominous shift offers no surprise when a group of Goblins run wildly into the center of the convoy. The Gnomes welcome the party to the loot naming it a bonus. One of the Gnomes can translate the word etched on their armor.

Soon after something else attacks but it is more methodical then the gang of Goblins. Some strange mutated Bugbear with an iron collar around its neck, a few rings of broken chain dangling down. It waddles clumsily with a swollen gut barely able to wear its armor.

The final party to the chain of gobliny events makes itself known last.almost as if it was chasing one or two of the groups previously encountered by the group. Gnomes pale the night the Owl Bear attacks.

The days between that last fight and the bridge to Under Country are peaceful. The harvest seasons weather has a bit of a chill at night but is pleasant otherwise. The Gnomes are happy for such unique company and therefore are very hospitable to their contracted guards. The vast canyons that separate the brown dirt and gray stone from the ruddy red rock of the many mountains that house Under Country look like different worlds.

The craftsmanship of the bridge is mind boggling to the simpler designs they would be used to. As they enter the mountains glowing mushrooms light the way to the bustling city of Rivvihuas. Steam blown instruments fill the tunnels with ethereal music. A sea of funny hats moves around the fore gates. The convoy is welcomed in by the guard ushered in past the bustling chaos. The party is invited to one last meal as their pay is gathered before they go back on their way.

Gnome merchants tabulate the wage on abacuses and scattered notes over wine and honey roasted song birds. Just in the middle of the meal the building starts to rumble. Louder music pipes in from the streets preceded by thunderous sounds of huge gears grinding. The wheel turns and the adventurers are stuck in the midst of one of the defining Gnome traditions. The party has two choices, to try to make it into the lowers tunnels to Kruunhaag before the turning begins and return to Rivvihuas when it sets again. Or ride the wheel and see which city sets at the end of this great holiday.

When the great turning begins the party has opted to ride the Wheel and see where fate lands them.



South on the Old Road

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