Destiny's Road

Restless evil!

Whitefield job

In a corner north west of Whitefield between the orchards and the Giant’s Wood is a grove of oak trees where the graveyard and tombs for the town lay. The tombs are a few hours walk from town and because of this they are rarely visited. But a sickness is creeping out from that direction infecting the fruit trees and Shepard Gerner suspects dark magic.

The priest explains that his leg is crippled or he would inspect it himself. He cannot offer a monetary reward on behalf of the church but promises to speak with the mayor to secure some form of thanks.

The location is well known and straight ward in terms of travel. As it is the beginning of harvest season the air is mild and full of the sweet scent of fruit. When party starts to note black veins in the wood and rotten fruit the hear shuffling ahead and a low, “Urrrrrhh”. The zombies rotten stench is perfumed by the scent of wine.

The party can hear drunken singing ahead from where the cemetery is. Beyond the head stones sitting in front of the largest tomb are two men drinking and laughing in front of a small feast and three skeletons breathlessly laugh along, toasting them with wine filled cups. When alerted or engaged they attack and the drunken men confusedly scramble toward hiding places. With cracked swords and armor with an unfamiliar heraldry the skeletons fight.

The men offer no resistance. They claim to be starving wanderers found by a “dark drow priestess” and offered all the food and wine they could stomach. Lost as they were they saw no other choice. They can direct the party into the tomb where the priestess is depending on how their fates are decided.

Inside the tomb it is decorated wit feasting tables and candles. At the center of each table is a small statue to Urgathoa. Sitting at the table waiting for the party are three zombies.

Wandering the tomb halls shows fading pictures and carvings. Some offerings to their ancestors are set out undisturbed. At one dead end, brighter torch light flickers and voices can be overheard. “You cheating bastard! Where are you even hiding those cards?!” a female voice demands in Common. “Uhhhhhrrrrrgh.” seems to be the response followed by raspy laughter. Upon inspection the party witnesses a half drow priestess, a zombie and a skeleton playing cards.

When the matter of the Priestess of Urgathoa is resolved the town rejoices. Shepard Gerner presents them with a cache of healing potions as thanks.



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