Destiny's Road

Goblin Infestation!

Whitefield job

A goblin horde surges in hidden enclaves all around the area surrounding Whitefield. Their numbers have swelled so much they are compelled to consume the town. Under the guidance of their chief, an Alchemist named Vax.

Cyril Ghost-Eye is seeking to hire adventurers to help stem the tide of monsters. Quite recently some of his stock was stolen by the greedy creatures but the event that prompted direct recruitment would be the injury of a young boy who caught one of them in the act. The contract for this job pays five hundred gold pieces.

The people around town don’t have much to contribute in terms of gossip or information. The mystery of the infestation is what frightens the townsfolk the most. Cyril believes they are coming from the south in the tall hills maybe a days ride away. Tracking confirms this suspicion but even if that isn’t employed the party encounters a gang of goblins half a days walk on the old road.

After the ambush attempt a clear path to the lair is discovered. It is guarded by riders and two snipers. These cowardly beasts only stand as long as they believe to be winning. If any manage to flee the lair is alerted to the parties intrusion.

The tunnels into the shallow caves are just large enough for medium creatures to walk without difficulty. They smell awful and possesses no lighting. Small totems are carved from stone and litter the caves as much as the layers of filth. The party risks attacks at every turn.

Eventually they reach a large cavern room that smells strange. Goblins dance and chant something in Goblin before their chief and a pile of loot they have stolen from Whitefield. They do not hesitate to surge unto the adventurers. As the battle progresses the alchemist starts to hurl torchs and explosive potions causing a large flame which threatens to consume all regardless of the victorious party. The choice to stay invites a fiery death.

If the party survives it can be assumed that the goblins have been stopped for the moment and earn them their promised reward.



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