Destiny's Road

A better half of danger

Whitefield job

The chaos the drove the inhabitants from Ten Hills left many questions unanswered by those who remained. It was assumed by many that scores of lives were lost all those years ago and while not incorrect not entirely true. A half starved Halfling named Graysprout weakly arrives at the gates of Whitefield with dire news and a plea.

Though the bandits has tried to ply the camp Ten Hills has become into some shanty market town none of their respectable neighbors have dared venture to investigate. Graysprout explains he, like many hobbit folk were kept as slaves. Some did not have the will or desire to leave their homes even if it meant in bondage and some were just captured.. He goes on to explain a group has escaped but is trapped between the bandits and a roaming group of Gnolls. He begs for aid in bringing them home. The mayor ofcourse wishes to help.

The adventurers have gained a small amount of hero worship from the populace which draws the mayor to ask them for their help. She offers them gold if that is what they desire. Or if they are so inclined a deed to a parcel of land south of the barley farms.

The group lies about two days west of Whitefield and so maybe half a day west of Ten Hills. Across the river north of the bandit camp, across a wide swath of meadow nestled in the hills a hobbit hole hides.

The Gnolls are a huunting band from the West within what some locals call the “rolling walls”. A barrier between these lands and the dark lands beyond. They are fierce and familiar with the land but a little dumb. In the end they lean toward brute force especially underestimating a party of Halflings and a Elf. The Half-Orc is feared at least initially.

Once the Gnolls are dealt with the Hobbits meet the adventurers. That is ofcourse unless the hidden home is located first by the keen eyes of the group. The hole is well stocked and comfortable even for larger then hobbit sized people. The escapees number eight, some villagers and three Stoutleaf hobbits. They are keen to leave confident that the group can safely escort them to Whitefield. Grandmother Stoutleaf has smuggled out some treasures for Heather and Phoebe, their respective family rings.

A palpable aura of dread wafts behind the group, stalking them back to Whitefield but not one threat makes itself known. With the return of the long lost Halfings a festival is announced. The town rejoices.



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